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Here you will find resources to help with the actual application itself.  Applying in Texas? Go to  Want an application that is good for more than 400 different institutions? Use The Common Application!

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Career Test and Resume Builder

Planning or just pondering what lies beyond high school and college? These tools and links help you determine your interests, explore careers, and build a resume.

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College Athletics

Interested in playing sports in college?  Whether it's NCAA Division I or II, or for an NAIA college or university you want to play for, you must register on their websites to be considered. 

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College Planning Timeline: Grade 11

Junior year is a key year in the college planning process, because you’ll be taking standardized tests, narrowing down your college list, and learning more about financial aid. In addition, you’ll need to stay involved in your high school courses and activities.

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College Planning Timeline: Grade 12

Senior year is often an extremely busy time, with schoolwork, activities, and special events. Be sure to stay on track with the college admissions process. Get organized, be aware of deadlines, and don’t procrastinate.

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College Planning Timeline: Grade 9

As a freshman, you will be laying the foundation for your high school career. This is a time to establish your academic and extracurricular credentials. You should also begin to explore options for your career or further education.

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College Search Website:

Check out this new, free website to search for colleges,, which includes a tool to help you determine what the probability is for you to get into specific colleges and universities. It is not a certainty, but gives a realistic view of your chances AND is a good way to see how your accomplishments and interests match with colleges.

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Learning Disabilities in College

Get details about the services provided by colleges and universities that support students with learning disabilities. Almost all do provide some level of services and/or accommodation, as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  

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Naviance Family Connection

Family Connection is a customizable website for students and families that allows you to share the powerful tools available in Naviance. Using Family Connection allows users to access online resources, communication tools, and the Naviance planning tools.

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Navigating College Fairs

So, you're headed to a college fair.  Remember that this is an opportunity not only to learn about a variety of colleges and universities, but also for the college reps to learn about you. Learn as much as you can while you're there. 

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Personal Statement: How to Write One

Follow these tips to write a personal statement for your college application.  Remember that this is your personal statement, your only chance to differentiate yourself as a unique individual to colleges apart from grades, test scores, and resumes. Write about a topic that excites you, and you will excite your reader.

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Both College Board SAT and College Board ACT are non-profit organizations. They give back by providing many useful services to assist you in the college admissions process. They want to help you find the best fit for your future.

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Searching for Scholarships

There are billions of dollars in scholarships available to students with any number of different requirements such as interests, talent, gender, extracurricular activities, etc.  Here we've provided a list of sites to get you started 

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Testing Schedule

Here is the testing schedule for the PSAT, ACT, SAT and THEA for Grades 9-12 along with the scoring range for each test.  

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Test Preparation

Planning to take a standardized test for admission to college? There are numerous companies that offer test preparation classes and tutorials.  But the first place to start is with the information provided by the testing agencies on their websites.  

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